Vedantra is committed to transforming the lives of patients and their families by re-engineering the body’s immune response to cancer. By combining expertise in materials science and immunology, Vedantra is engineering potent immuno-therapies for an array of aggressive cancers. The Vedantra Amphiphile platform enables precise targeting and delivery of therapeutics and vaccines directly to the lymphatic system, the “brain center” of the immune response, to significantly amplify and enhance the body’s own system of defenses, to defeat cancer and stop its recurrence. Specifically, our technology can traffic a broad range of therapeutic “cargoes” to the lymphatics in order to trigger potent and highly specific cancer-directed immunity. This substantially enhanced anti-tumor functionality and long-term protective memory could unlock the full potential of the human immune response to eliminate cancer.

Vedantra was founded to expand and apply the ground-breaking Amphiphile technology invented and developed by Darrell Irvine Ph.D., Professor of Biological Engineering and Materials Sciences and Howard Hughes Investigator, in the Koch Institute of Cancer Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Vedantra’s lead Amphiphile immuno-therapies targeting pancreatic cancer and head and neck cancer will begin initial patient studies in 2019.