efficacy up,
toxicity down

Historically, the problem with immunotherapy has been the lack of an effective adaptive immune response. The challenge: how to generate a therapeutic response while limiting exposure to toxic adjuvants or constitutively activated T cells. Vedantra develops methods to precisely target the adaptive immune system, using its natural processes to expand immune cells that destroy infected or cancerous cells without harming normal tissues.

Precision Immunity

Focusing interaction on the immune system

Born from the Irvine Lab at MIT, Vedantra’s platform technologies are able to deliver agents directly to the antigen-presenting cells of the lymph nodes. As demonstrated in Nature Materials, Science Translational Medicine, and Nature, getting the right molecules to the right place reduces adjuvant toxicity while enhancing immune responses against an array of antigens in both cancer and infectious disease.

How the Vedantra platform works

The ICMV is made of lipid bilayers joined by cross-links. Adjuvents and antigens are contained within and periodically released.

Built on the body’s natural defenses

We engineer solutions that harness the immune system’s powerful potential to combat some of the world’s most devastating health problems.

About Vedantra